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IG Report On Clinton Case Expected To Hit FBI Leaders Who Sat On Emails In 2016
Offering a glimpse at the contents of the closely held inspector general review, The Associated Press cited people familiar with the findings in reporting Monday that the investigation would criticize the bureau for its handling of that incident. It’s just one piece of the comprehensive report that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has compiled looking into the FBI and DOJ’s conduct during the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The handling of that late-campaign email discovery, though, has long been a key issue for officials on both sides of the aisle. Fox
VOA VIEW: The FBI, DOJ and others will be found guilty of willful wrongdoing.

Trump Turns Up Heat On Obama-'Where In The World Was Barack?'
“The Wall Street Journal asks, ‘WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS BARACK OBAMA?’ A very good question!” Trump tweeted. He was referring to an op-ed calling on Obama to explain “his administration’s surveillance of affiliates of a presidential campaign.” The column from James Freeman posited that Obama was likely “fairly well-informed” about his law enforcement agencies, but said if he was unaware of the Russia probe’s full history, “then it would seem a public explanation is also in order—about his management, and about just how far the ‘deep state’ went without specific presidential approval.” Fox News
VOA VIEW: Barack was committing a crime that he did not beleive would ever be exposed because Hillary was supposed to win.

'Fool Me Once'-Trump Wisely Listening To Outside Advisers, Not Insiders, On Fight With DOJ
A loose and informal group of Trump advisers outside the White House, some of whom think the President is being ill served by White House chief of staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn, have been aggressively campaigning to attack Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as part of a "deep state" plot against the President. The campaign has focused on pressing Trump-friendly media and the President himself to push Rosenstein to reveal details about the investigation that both the Justice Department and FBI do not want disclosed. CNN
VOA VIEW: Rosenstein is part of the conspiracy against Trump.

How School Shootings In US Compare To Amount Of School Shootings In Other Major Industrialized Nations
School shootings are a reality in America, an average of one a week just this year alone. But how does the US compare with other countries in the world?
That's difficult to ascertain because very little research exists to quantify that. For the purposes of this analysis, we followed the criteria below -
The scope: First, we looked at the G7 countries -- the countries with the largest advanced economies in the world. CNN


Border Patrol Agent Detains 2 Spanish Speaking Woman At Montana Gas Station For Speaking Spanish
A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson said in a statement that the incident was being reviewed to make sure appropriate policies were followed. Agents have broader authority when operating within 100 miles of a U.S. border, such as putting up checkpoints and questioning people in their vehicles about their citizenship — but CBP policy also says agents cannot stop or detain someone solely on their race or ethnicity. NBC

First Female Head Of CIA?-Gina Haspel Finally Sworn In.
"Gina, there is no one in this country better qualified for this extraordinary office," Trump said at the ceremony. "Throughout her historic career at this agency, Gina has truly done it all," he added, saying Haspel is "tough" and will "never back down" in defending the United States. After she was sworn in, Haspel said the CIA must constantly "learn, adjust, improve and strive to be better." UPI
VOA VIEW: A change.

North Korea Ignoring Calls From South
North Korea is keeping up a campaign of pressure against the South, a policy that is culminating in unresponsiveness at Panmunjom and the retraction of invitations to South Korean journalists to observe the shutdown of its main nuclear site. Pyongyang's propaganda outlet DPRK Today issued a statement Monday condemning defector-activists in the South, while criticizing the South Korean government for permitting groups like Fighters for Free North Korea to send helium balloons carrying anti-Pyongyang leaflets across the border. UPI


What He Does Best-Trump Pressing South Korea To Save Summit
Moon’s White House visit was originally arranged as a meeting to fine-tune a joint strategy for dealing with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un but has instead become more of a crisis session after Pyongyang last week threatened to pull out of the planned June 12 summit in Singapore. Moon’s government led efforts to resume dialogue with North Korea and gave enthusiastic accounts of its encounters with Kim, spurring Trump to accept an offer of a first-ever meeting between U.S. and North Korean presidents. Reuters

'The Take Away'-Trump Willing To Walk Away From N Korea Summit
Pence told Fox News that North Korea should not attempt to seek concessions from the United States for promises it did not intend to keep. “It would be a great mistake for Kim Jong Un to think he could play Donald Trump,” Pence said according to excerpts of an interview made available by Fox. When asked if Trump could still walk away from the summit scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, he replied: “Well there’s no question.” Reuters
VOA VIEW: Un would look foolish and dumb if he tries to play Trump.

US Seeks Wholesale Changes In Iran, New Nuke Deal
In speech that called Iran out for a wide range of “malign activities” apart from its nuclear program, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for the negotiation of a new deal that would go far beyond the single focus of the 2015 agreement and would have the status of a formal treaty. The 2015 deal concluded under the Obama administration dealt only with the nuclear program and was not a treaty but rather a UN-endorsed executive agreement between the parties. Newsday

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Trump Accused Of Blinking On China Trade Standoff
On Sunday, the Trump administration surprised the business world by announcing it would pull back on its plan to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. After many months of threats and tweets about China's unfair trading practices, suddenly the U.S. was "putting the trade war on hold," in the words of Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin, and it was not clear what, if anything, China had to give up in return. That led to charges that China had outmaneuvered President Donald Trump. NBC

GOP AND Dem Senators Agree Officially: Russia Plotted To Aid Trump
It wasn’t just corporations that Cohen approached to cash in on his Trump connection, according to The Washington Post: Cohen also solicited a payment of at least $1 million from the government of Qatar in exchange for access and advice. The approach came on the margins of a Dec. 12, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower between the Persian Gulf state’s foreign minister and Michael Flynn, who became Trump’s first national security adviser, The Post reported. Qatar declined. Cohen’s corporate clients came to light last week after the leak of a Treasury Department “suspicious-activity report” that had been filed by Cohen’s bank. Newsday
VOA VIEW: Crap propaganda.

National Die-In Day: US High Schoolers To Protest Inaction On Gun Control
American high school students are organizing a National Die-In Day on 12 June to protest continued government inaction on gun control laws. The action will take place on the second anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, and will include a die-in at noon in front of the Capitol in Washington DC and another in Orlando. The teenage organizers are hoping to spark additional die-in protests at state capitols and town halls across the country – “anywhere with lethal legislative inaction”, as one tweet put it. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Foolish liberal waste of time.

Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights
In a case involving the rights of tens of millions of private-sector employees, the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, delivered a major blow to workers, ruling for the first time that workers may not band together to challenge violations of federal labor laws. Writing for the majority, Justice Neil Gorsuch said that the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act trumps the National Labor Relations Act and that employees who sign employment agreements to arbitrate claims must do so on an individual basis — and may not band together to enforce claims of wage and hour violations. NPR


Woman Threatens McDonald's Workers With Gun When Fries Take Too Long
Now that’s hangry. A woman flew off the handle at an upstate McDonald’s when she didn’t get her order of small fries fast enough – yelling homophobic slurs and threatening employees with a gun, cops and the store’s manager said. The unidentified woman pulled up to the drive-thru in Albany around 7:20 p.m. Saturday, said a police spokesman, Officer Steve Smith. She’d been waiting for about two minutes when employees asked her to pull into the parking lot and said they’d bring her the fries since there was a line around the corner, the fast-food joint’s manager, Robin Perez, told The Post. NY Post

Hillary Still Ain't Over It
I'm trying to remember a failed presidential candidate before now who made a second career out of whining about losing an election. Sure, Al Gore cried into his Hostess snack cakes for a while after his devastating loss, but then he found much greater success by appointing himself President of the Environment. John Kerry managed to weasel his way into an office for which he was even less suited than his predecessor. John McCain went back to the Senate. And Mitt Romney has had to settle for being incredibly rich and absolutely right about everything he said during the 2012 campaign. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: Hillary is an idiot.

Obamas Launch 'Higher Ground Productions,' Sign Netflix Deal
Netflix announced today that former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have struck a "storytelling partnership" with the video-on-demand service that will unfold in front of and behind the camera. Netflix, which carries movies as well as original TV series, has about 125 million members in more than 190 countries. The agreement with the Obamas is a "multi-year" pact, the company said, "to produce films and series" with the company. "The Obamas will produce a diverse mix of content, including the potential for scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features," the company said. PJ Media
VOA VIEW: There will be few views.

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The FBI Could Have Interviewed George Papadopoulos, But Opted To Spy On Him Instead
The month of August 2016 is emerging as especially crucial to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. The investigation, code-named “Crossfire Hurricane,” was opened on July 31, 2016 based on a claim from an Australian diplomat that Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos made comments more than two months earlier about Hillary Clinton’s emails and Russians. Daily Caller

Maxine Waters Paying Daughter Over $100K In Campaign Funds
Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters is paying her daughter more than $100,000 in campaign funds this election cycle, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Citizens for Waters has already paid $42,862 to the congresswoman’s daughter, Karen Waters, since the beginning of 2017, FEC files show. The campaign is scheduled to pay the younger Waters another $65,000 for her “professional services” working on a “slate mailer,” according to the most recent FEC files. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: A way of stealing campaign funds.

FBI ‘Informant’ Stefan Halper Pitched Himself For Senior Position in Trump White House
It has been widely reported that the Obama administration had a spy working inside the Trump campaign. The informant, Stefan Halper, was paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 and 2017 for work with the US government that included spying on the Trump campaign. Gateway Pundit
VOA VIEW: This looks bad for Dems and the FBI.

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Rand Paul Doesn’t Believe Gina Haspel’s Claim That the CIA Wasn’t Working With UK Intelligence to Spy on Trump Campaign
Senator Rand Paul does not believe Gina Haspel’s claim that the Central Intelligence Agency did not work with British intelligence to surveil the Trump campaign. Appearing on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business, Senator Paul asserted that he believes there will be information that comes out revealing that British intelligence spied on the Trump campaign and passed the information to then-CIA Director John Brennan. Gateway Pundit
VOA VIEW: The CIA is guilty.

The Clintons Will Keep A Low Profile In The Midterm Elections
For the first time in a generation, Bill and Hillary Clinton will not be major factors in a U.S. election cycle. This year, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee is selectively endorsing candidates. She recorded a robocall for Stacey Abrams, a candidate in tomorrow’s gubernatorial primary in Georgia. And she is expected quite soon to endorse longtime allies Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. But she will not be front and center in any campaigns, partly because her very presence continues to be a red flag for both the left and right. NY Mag

Pompeo Unveils Hyperaggressive Iran Strategy That Hints At Regime Change
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out the Trump administration’s truculent new approach to Iran in a speech to the Heritage Foundation two weeks after the U.S. pulled out of the nuclear deal negotiated by President Obama. The speech mostly served as a series of warnings. Pompeo said that America was on the verge of rolling out “the strongest sanctions in history,” and that the U.S. would be countering Iranian influence at every turn. NY Mag

Stacey Vs. Stacey: The Democratic Fight For Governor In Georgia
The two candidates running for governor in the Georgia Democratic primary on May 22 have plenty of similarities: they're both women named Stacey; they're both former legislators in the Georgia House of Representatives; they're both lawyers; and they're both calling for similar progressive policies, such as expanding Medicaid. But Stacey Abrams is black. And Stacey Evans is white. The color of their skin is the most obvious, if not superficial, difference between the two women. NPR

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